Women Retreat Feminine Archetypes

Women Retreat

November 11-15 2023


Feminine Archetypes 

with Mirjam Wagner

& Erika Teirlinck

Are you longing to embrace your feminine power, but do not always know how?

Since we discovered the 7 Feminine Archetypes, we found true liberation, empowerment and peace. This knowledge we want to share with you so you can live a life with meaning, power and joy! 💚

Join us for this 4 day Women’s Retreat where you will discover how to live your full potential through the 7 Feminine Archetypes.

We will explore together:

  • A new way to understand your behaviour patterns through the 7 Greek Goddesses.
  • How to reconnect with your ability to relate to others, to adapt and be committed.
  • How to cultivate your inner drive, focus and motivation.
  • How to enhance your inherent creativity and radical self-expression.
  • How to apply the 7 Feminine Archetypes into your daily life. 

You might be wondering what the FEMININE ARCHETYPES can actually do for you…

When we created this course, we were very clear about one thing: this highly empowering material had to be shared with as many women as possible, it had to be appealing, easy to digest and practical. 

As the first courageous women stepped forward and decided to take charge of their lives by working with the Feminine Archetypes, we were amazed by their transformation and change. To hear their own experience inspired us to take this powerful material a step further.

That is the reason why today we are offering our personal guidance in form of a Women’s Retreat in which we will dive deeper into the 7 Goddesses through practice, insights and community while integrating their qualities and skills even more efficiently into our lives.💚

The retreat will take place in Mallorca from November 11-15th 2023.

You will be well taken care of at the beautiful and cosy finca Tramuntana Flow so that you can end the year inspired and empowered to always be the version of yourself that you choose to be.       

Price for double and triple rooms with shared bathrooms: 980€

Sold out!

Double room with bathroom ensuite +80€ extra.

Sold out!

Single room with shared bathroom +280€ extra.

Sold out!


Mirjam Wagner

Erika Teirlinck

Friends, collegues, sisters, women who support each other through trust, compassion and courage.

Mirjam and Erika met 10 years ago at David and Mirjam's yoga teacher training.

Since then their relationship deepend while both got fascinated by the diversity, potential and power in every woman.

Mirjam Wagner is a therapist, yogateacher, osteopath, mentor, author of the book "yin for life", facilitator, mother, entrepreneur and so much more.

Go to www.yogatherapymallorca.com and explore more about this goddess, her website, academy and online studio.

Erika Teirlinck is a mother, entrepreneur, yoga teacher, photographer, stylist and facilitator.

Go to www.sohamsoiam.be and get to know how this goddess combines being a caring mother with powerful creativity and conscious sensuality.